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​ Eco Robo Ace Series


Safe recycling process with the power of frictional heat
Eco Robo Ace series

Ideal for customers who want to process a large amount of Styrofoam.
Due to frictional heat volume reduction, deterioration of the resin is minimal, making it possible to create high-quality recycled raw materials.

・Bulk batch processing is possible with a processing capacity of 100 kg to a maximum of 400 kg/h, with automatic supply and discharge.

・Equipped with a stock tank as standard to achieve efficient workability.

・Because the crushing and volume reduction processes are independent, the installation layout can be set freely.

・It is safe because it is processed by frictional heat without heating.

・Because the processing temperature is low, there is no odor or smoke.

・The deterioration of the resin due to heat is slight, and high-quality recycled raw materials can be obtained.

・Installed at national central wholesale markets, waste disposal companies, local governments, etc.

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