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What is J.-EPS recycling?

J.-EPS recycling is a recycling system unique to Japan that Pana Chemical Co., Ltd. started.J.apan.
As a feature, the users of this system buy the processing machines and make styrofoam ingots that have been heat-reduced to 1/50 as valuable.

Users mean a lot of markets and department stores. They can use this system to make available resources instead of discharging Styrofoam waste.



For over 45 years, we have worked with our customers to make circular recycling the sustainable reality.

Our starting point was the passion of our founder, Shigehira Inukai. Shortly after the company was founded, the world was hit by an oil crisis, and he was thinking how to cover the shortage of raw materials inJ.apan. 
At that time, when he saw the black smoke rising from the Tsukiji market, Shigehira noticed that the plastic was being burned there. Large amount of Styrofoam waste and shortage of raw materials in Japan. Shigehira continued to propose a business plan to solve the problem by connecting these two, but the days when no one dealt with him continued. 
After thinking about it, he devisedJ.-EPS recycling business model, but people still doubted him. His determination and actions, which he continued to persuade by going to the Tsukiji market every day, gradually gained the trust of those around him, and finally the recycling system was born.
With an orbital recycling system, recycled resources have crossed the ocean and become a global recycling circle.
When there was a big change in the overseas situation, we overcame it together with our customers and became today's achievement.


Business model

J.-EPS recycling , A unique recycling system that turns styrofoam into ingots was created inJ.apan 45 years ago.

Pana Chemical Co., Ltd. sells Styrofoam (EPS) recycling machines, buys back EPS ingots from 2000 users all overJ.apan, and sells them to overseas recyclers.

Pana-Chemical'sJ.-EPS recycling has recycled 1 million tons of waste EPS over the last 45 years and has continued to make a significant contribution to reducing carbon emissions.



Achievements 1 million tons for 45 years
Pioneer    80% Market share  _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_2000 users

R.resource plastic certification system

Pana Chemical Co., Ltd. was established as a plastic distributor of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (Panasonic Corporation).

We develop and sells processing machines, exports ingots, develops products, etc.. With monthly production of 3000 tons, 80% share inJ.apan, adopted by 2000 companies. Already reuse of about 1 million tons Styrofoam With this recycling system. We are conscious, doing the job of creating resources, not disposing of trash, and is featured in many media.

Currently, we are also engaged in other plastic recycling businesses of 4,000 tons per month, and when combined withJ.-EPS recycling, it handles 7,000 tons per month.J.apanese plastic recycling industry. Among "waste plastics", we are conducting activities to certify those that exceed the standard as "R.resource plastic".



J.-EPS recycling has been introduced by manyJ.Japanese media.

Pana-Chemical'sJ.-EPS recycling has been commended by its suppliers and the media for enduring in an industry in which economic pressures have forced many companies out of business.

Media Appearances

• TV: NHK, TV Tokyo, TBS, Tokyo MX
• Newspapers: The Nikkei, Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, The Chemical Daily
• Magazines: Nikkei Business, Diamond Weekly, Toyo Keizai, Nikkei Ecology
• Poplar Publishing Supplementary Reader • “White Paper on Manufacturing Industries,” “Recycling and the World Economy.”


• 1st Plastic Recycling Council Chairman's Award
• WASTEC Award 2006
• Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Excellence in Business Award
• Tokyo Association of Shinkin Banks Excellent Company Award.

Ministry of the EnvironmentJ.apan (InJ.Japanese)

Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia

The Wilson Center

Machine line up

Safely Reducing Styrofoam's Thermal Volume to 1/50th to Make EPS Ingots

J.-EPS recycling technology reduces the volume of Styrofoam to 1/50, providing a processing machine that anyone can easily and safely convert to EPS ingots. We have multiple lineups according to the situation at the site and the amount of waste, and they are used in fish markets, supermarkets, department stores, and waste disposal companies.



Compact design, Box-type, long-selling




Automatic molding, Best-selling

Processing capacity 50-200kg/H



Frictional heat, Safe, High-end model




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