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Reasons for redefining J-EPS recycling

Pile of Styrofoam in the former Tsukiji Market

I am often asked why I redefined Styrofoam recycling using ingots, which has become an industry standard in Japan, as J-EPS recycling.

The reason for this is the article on "Sustainable Brands JapanGlobal It was because I read the company's "de-polystyrene" clearly".

This article includes a report by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation that expanded polystyrene is commonly used in food packaging, but is often thrown away with spoiled food and is difficult to recycle. there is ” was written.

For 45 years in Japan, together with 2,000 companies nationwide, we have been desperately recycling overcoming various hardships. I thought that this kind of thing should never happen, and I had to disseminate information to the world about Styrofoam recycling using ingots that was born in Japan.

Therefore, we created the coined word J-EPS recycling®︎ by combining the Japanese origin (J in Japan), expanded polystyrene (EPS), and continuing recycling (recycling). It is the beginning that I started sending information to.

Thanks to you, we are spreading and being introduced in the media of newspapers and magazines, and at international conferences.

It is still a small step, but I will continue to disseminate information in order to change the perception overseas that EPS is difficult to recycle. Please support me.

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