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Recycling is created not only by technology, but also by human circles 

A ring of technology and recycling to thermally reduce the volume of Styrofoam and turn it into an ingot, which began at Tsukiji Market in Tokyo 45 years ago. At our company, we are redefining this recycling circle that we have created with customers all over the country as "J-EPS recycling", sharing it with our customers, and starting a project to disseminate it both domestically and internationally. (EPS = expanded polystyrene, beaded styrene foam)

J-EPS recycling has overcome difficulties such as the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy and import restrictions in China, and has become a large recycling circle of 2,000 companies nationwide with a monthly output of 3,000 tons.

Recently, the East Asia and ASEAN Economic Research Institute (ERIA), which was established by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, was certified as "Japan's original recycling technology that suppresses marine plastic", and the Ministry of the Environment was categorized as a representative resource plastic subject to export license under the "Basel Law Applicability Criteria for Exporting Plastics" established by .

Styrofoam, which is difficult to recycle in the world, has become an honor student in recycling in Japan. Our efforts over the years have received a great deal of attention.

We would like to thank you for your patronage and look forward to your continued support of Pana Chemical Co., Ltd. and J-EPS recycling.

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