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世界で28万回再生されたJ-EPS recyclingの動画


この動画は、東アジア・アセアン経済研究センター(ERIA) や米国研究機関Wilsonセンター等で紹介された日本独自の発泡スチロールリサイクルは、世界で28万回再生されています。


This video of Japan's unique Styrofoam recycling, introduced by the Center for East Asian and ASEAN Economic Studies and the Wilson Center, a US research institute, among others, has been played 280,000 times around the world.

It is nice to know that 280,000 people, not only in Asia but also in Europe and the United States, are paying attention to Japan's recycling system using heat-treated styrofoam ingots [J-EPS recycling].

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