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Masahiko Yamada

Cooperative Association Sendai Cleaning Corporation Representative Director/Chairman

I wonder how many decades have passed since we started working with Pana Chemical on Styrofoam recycling. Nowadays, there is almost no day that you do not see the words "recycle" and "recycle", and the words have permeated from the elderly to children and are spoken as a matter of course.I sometimes worry that the speed of the global flow of recycling is creating a gap between the ideal and reality, and that expectations for the industry are too high. Is it because he has a worrisome personality, or is it because he knows a little about reality?


By the way, I have heard that the "Styrofoam recycling" that we have been steadily working with Pana Chemical will be redefined as "J-EPS recycling" in 2017 and will be expanded not only in Japan but also overseas. Mr. Inukai, the company's representative, and I have talked about how it would be difficult from a business point of view to establish recycling without economic rationality. In addition, Panachemical can handle the handling of recycled products in Japan and overseas, export management such as exchange rate fluctuations, and the performance improvement and stabilization of dedicated processing machines, which are difficult for small and medium-sized waste processing companies. I recognize that we have built a relationship of trust with waste disposal companies over many years.


In a business society with high volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, in order to further brush up on "J-EPS recycling," we, the waste disposal companies, should study more and make proposals to our customers. In addition to raising the level, I think that we must aim for further heights by sharing customer information with Pana Chemical. "Circle of Styrofoam Recycling Business" is exactly what "recycling is created not only by technology but also by people".

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