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Takemi Yamamoto

Yamamoto Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


In 1990, we started the environmental equipment business and started selling the Styrofoam volume reduction machine “Hi-Melter”. Since then, as a “manufacturer responsible for the technology” of Japan’s unique Styrofoam recycling system, in order to create high-quality recycled materials, we have been striving to create products that are “safe, easy to use, and designed to be loved by users.” I have been working on the development.


Thanks to you, our volume reduction machines have come to be chosen by top runners in various industries, including industrial waste disposal companies, wholesale markets, major manufacturers, major distributors, and long-established department stores nationwide.


There is a worldwide movement to eliminate plastics, but plastics have become an indispensable part of our lives, such as Styrofoam and other food containers, clothes, home appliances, automobiles, and construction materials.


Under these circumstances, the “system” and “philosophy” of J-EPS recycling will serve as an opportunity to promote understanding of “plastics” and “plastic recycling” among a wide range of general consumers, while at the same time helping people involved in the value chain. We believe that it leads to “pride” and “confidence” for us.


We are very much in agreement with this. As a “manufacturer responsible for the technology” of Japan's unique Styrofoam recycling system, we will continue to provide our own products and create a bright future for the industry together with everyone who takes on challenges in the venous industry.

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