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Two loops that support recycling

Plastic Resource Recycling Law starting next year.

Although the law is based on domestic circulation, it also includes the international circulation of the Basel Law that started this year. This is because the plastic recycling loop is by no means limited to a loop that circulates only within Japan, but also includes the import of overseas products.

J-EPS recycling is a long-lasting and sustainable recycling system that combines two recycling loops: domestic and international.

Although it is mainly used for international circulation, it has actually been recycled into recycled building materials and insulation materials in Japan for many years. And these days, there are plastic recycling loops on the overseas side of export destinations as well.

The domestic circulation loop is the basis, and the international circulation loop based on Basel supports it.

We asked our designer to draw a sketch of such a recycling image of "small loops of circulation (rings) organically connecting to form a large and flexible loop of circulation"!

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